Hoyas Helping Hands

A volunteer program for faculty and staff

In the spirit of our Catholic and Jesuit identity and the university's commitment to the common good, Georgetown is offering opportunities for faculty and staff to volunteer with local community organizations through its program, "Hoyas Helping Hands." These are opportunities for faculty and staff to volunteer individually and/or with their offices and departments as a team on a one time or ongoing basis. Volunteers are expected to participate using their personal time. The Office of Community Engagement can also work with you to identify additional opportunities in your area of interest or expertise. A staff member from the Office of the Community Engagement will follow up promptly to confirm your participation. 


Read more below for more information about volunteer opportunities and click here to register for Hoyas Helping Hands. All opportunities are available for individuals and groups unless otherwise noted.

Bread for the City

Bread for the City offers comprehensive services and amenities, including provision of groceries and clothing, housing assistance, primary medical care, legal and social services, and employment assistance free of charge to low-income residents of D.C. Georgetown is recognizing George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City, with the 2015 John Thompson, Jr. Legacy of a Dream Award. Bread for the City is seeking volunteers for the following programs:

  • Food Pantry – Bread for the City’s food pantries provide groceries to over 8,000 people every month. Eligible clients can pick up a three-day supply of groceries, based upon household size each month. Food Pantry volunteers play a key role in the effective and efficient operation of the food pantries by assisting clients in choosing their groceries with dignity and respect and helping to sort, bag, and stock produce and other food donations. This opportunity is available for a three hour shift.
  • Clothing Program - Bread for the City distributes seasonal and professional clothing and household items through a “free thrift store” model. Clothing program volunteer groups help to sort donations, hang and merchandise items, and keep our clothing room neat and tidy so that clients have a dignified and respectful experience.  This opportunity is available for a three hour shift.
  • Pre-Employment Program - Volunteers are needed to meet with program participants on a weekly basis to lend support for resume writing and interview coaching.
  • Rooftop Gardening - Volunteers are needed to assist with basic garden maintenance including watering, weeding, and planting on the rooftop garden.
  • Orchard Harvesting - Every Wednesday during growing season, volunteers are needed to help tend several varieties of crops at an orchard in Maryland. (Groups only)

Central Union Mission

Central Union Mission is a faith-based nonprofit that supports homeless, neglected men and is the oldest social service agency in DC. Central Union Mission operates a family ministry program; an emegency shelter for men; a rehabilitation program; a food, clothing, and furniture distribution center; a retreat and recreation center with a camp for undeprivileged children; programs for isolated seniors; computer and job training; and transitional and low cost housing. The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Day of Service - Volunteers are needed to help set up and distribute items during one-day events at the Central Union Mission facility at 65 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, particularly during special events and holidays. (Groups only)
  • Workshops/Training Sessions - Volunteers are needed to teach money management classes to men in transition. 
  • Bladensburg Road Food Center - Volunteers are needed to help unload trucks, clean, distribute food and clothing, and restock shelves at the Bladensburg Road Food Center, 3182 B Bladensburg Road, NE. 
  • Spanish Language Interpretation - Volunteers are needed on Wednesdays to provide Spanish language interpretation at the Family Ministry Center, 1629 13th Street, NW. 
  • Donations - Volunteers are needed to support children families during the holidays by sponsoring a child, sponsoring a family, or hosting a toy drive. 

Academy of Hope

Academy of Hope is an adult public charter school in Washington, DC, which provides basic education and workforce development services to adults age 18 and up who read on at least a sixth grade level, and prepares them for the GED and transition into post-secondary education and the workforce. AoH needs short and long term support for the following activities:

  • Resume Building - Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to help build their resumes and conduct mock interviews for adult learners. 
  • Tutoring - Volunteers are needed to tutor adult learners in reading and other subject areas as requested. 

Cesar Chavez Public Charter School

Cesar Chavez Public Charter School operates three campuses for middle and high school students in Washington, DC. Chavez Schools are committed to creating the best outcomes for students and closing the achievement gap by helping students reach grade-level proficiency; engaging parents; and recruiting and retaining effective staff. Georgetown University has been an engaged partner with Chavez Schools, particularly the Ward 7 campus, for several years. Volunteers are needed for the following programs:

  • Thesis Advisers and Judges - Volunteers are needed to advise 12th grade students with their year-long thesis project and to serve on panels judging senior thesis presentations. 
  • Public Policy Fellowships - Mentors are needed to host Public Policy Fellowships, a full-time, unpaid 3-week internship in June for 11th grade students. 
  • Professional Development - Resources are needed for Chavez teachers to develop a better understanding of public policy and advocacy.
  • Black History Month Career Day and Latinos in Careers Day - Volunteers are needed to share their academic and professional history with students in February (Black History Month Career Day) and September (Latinos in Careers Day). 

Father McKenna Center

The Father McKenna Center was established in 1983 to carry on the legacy of Father Horace McKenna, SJ, who devoted his life to the service of the poor and homeless. The Center is primarily a day shelter for homeless men and provides HIV/AIDS testing, drug and alcohol placement, mental health services, holiday baskets, transportation assistance, transitional housing, rent and utility assistance for Ward 6 residents, showers, laundry, mail services, clothing, telephone services, hypothermia outreach, and meals. The center is seeking volunteers for the following activities:

  • Serve Meals - Volunteers are needed on Saturdays to prepare and serve breakfast and midday meals. (Groups only)
  • Guest Assistance - Volunteers are needed to assist with showers and other services at the center, including meeting with and talking with guests. 

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington help boys and girls of all backgrounds build confidence, develop character, and acquire skills to become productive, civic-minded, and responsible adults. Clubs provide a safe, comfortable, and fun alternative for youth and are open after school on weekdays and on Saturdays, and many offer full day activities during school holidays and summers. 

  • Tutoring - Volunteers are needed for after-school homework tutoring at the Jelleff Recreation Center in Georgetown, 3265 S Street NW.